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happy new year
Happy New Year everyone :)
A very Happy New Year to you and you too Caz :)
Merry Xmas boiz!!! and a happy new year!
A merry Christmas to you and yours too Buddha
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Rejoin DDR

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Hello all! It's a long time ago

- TM1 login: thales_2000

- TM2 login: thales_2000

- User Nickname: Thales

- Real first name Tristan

- Nationality Germany

- How long have you been playing trackmania? 158 Hours Ingame

- If you were invited by a DDR member, who was it? (the member who invited you has to confirm it in your application thread, otherwise you application will be rejected) /

- Previous teams: DDR in 2015 or 2016 I think

- Why would you like to join DDR? I was in DDR like 1 1/2 years ago.. then stopped playing it.. Now I'm into it again and I would like to join to a nice and friendly Team and I know a lot of people from the DDR team from the time i was still in :)

- Do you know some DDR member? Yeah Ikague, cas, vennike, holgi etc. (Maybe they still know me)

- Are you interested in competitions? When i have a lot of time (no exams etc.) then yes
Posted Sep 18, 17 · OP
hey thales!
at the moment the activity level in TM2 is very low. Same for DDR with most racers inactive.
So in my eyes it doesnt make some sense to join us at the moment. The best is to see how things
evolve and we can rejudge your aplication in a few months. Maybe there will be more competitions
in winter and hopefully also more activity in TM2 and DDR.
In the meantime you can of course enjoy our server ;)

Greetings, ikky

The Triple B! // The Big Bad Bully
Posted Sep 22, 17