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I thought the server was close ^^. Time limit is again 6 min.
Can a masteradmin set a limit time on the ddr tm2 serveur plz (i don't have the rights to do that)
Am still active on on TM1 mate but not much un TM2
Are they still some pple playing tm ? I'm quite active on tm1, but if i'm not aone I would like to play again some tm2
all good bornis!
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recruitement : ebotith

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- TM1 login: ebotith

- TM2 login: ebotith

- User Nickname: ebotith

- Real first name: thomas

- Nationality: france

- How long have you been playing trackmania? 3 years

- If you were invited by a DDR member, who was it? (the member who invited you has to confirm it in your application thread, otherwise you application will be rejected)

- Previous teams: eDen and acore, i'm still in acore tho

- Why would you like to join DDR? to improve in dirt and play matches

- Do you know some DDR member? knight jr

- Are you interested in competitions? of course i am
Posted Apr 30, 17 · OP
Hello ebotith, I´m sorry but at the moment recruitment is only possible by being invited by an active DDR member. Due to our inactivity level at the moment we can only invite well known players.

I recommend you to try in a different dirt team or try to be active in our tm2 server and perhaps some DDR member can invite you and take care about your candidacy.
Posted Apr 30, 17